SHOPPE 2.0 // Exterior Paint

It seems lately, there is rarely a minute that goes by that I am not thinking about 307 different things at once. What color this, what size that, what windows, what rug, who’s on the phone, where are my shoes, when am I gonna go pee and eat??  It’s just constant, but I am grateful and accepting of every single minute I get a chance to do what I love.. Anyways, whatever little free time I can manage to squeeze in day dreaming, it’s usually about our own home plans and our brand new Shoppe 2.0 retail location

opening in Pacific Palisades, Ca come April 6th! Mark your calendars!

If you follow on IG you surely have seen some BTS of me at the new location stressing over paint!!!

Welp we just chose the exterior paint color for Shoppe 2.0


YOU READY TO HEAR WHAT I PICKED..Drumrollllllllll puuullllease….

Farrow & Ball’s Off-Black

 It’s probably my dream exterior paint color and if you’re playing around with the idea of a black house like I am, you should definitely sample it.


Undertones of blue, and charcoal, and just the right amount of classic and timeless. Can’t wait to show you the final product..but for now lets look at whom I stalked for major inspo.

This amazingly CUTE garden hose of Hannah Gooch – a London based Artist, Interior Advisor and Photo Shoot Producer is perf, am I right?? She also used Farrow & Ball Off-Black for this exterior and its glorious. Love her simple aesthetic for this little garden back-house photo studio. Take a look at her work, she seems to do it all which is something we can all get inspired about. You go girrrrl!!



Pictures found originally on Rock My Style



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