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I happened upon AletaFae on Etsy and was so happy to find her shop filled with colorful poofs! I contacted her to see if she would give my lovers a little discount and she happily obliged!!!! 

Please go buy a poof or a pillow this minute. Aleta can make things customized and shes really nice. Plus she is probably so amazing she’s like a magical fairy unicorn that has gold for hair and when she enters a rooms she gets a fanfare of flutes and horns.

Tell her Amber sent you and you’ll get 10% off your purchase. The coupon code is AMBERINTERIORS. 

For Inspiration, I made a little summer sitting room for you all to see just how pretty these can look in a room…go visit her here.

6: Red Versa

Here are some more of my favorite styles from 

an affordable version of the Calypso Home one…

Oh Yeah, just in case you were not aware. You can hire me to make mood boards and design rooms for you with magical poofs and such….here is how.

 One more thing….go look at this radical Blog… This cutie writes a great blog. It’s one of my new fashion faves. Please go follow her and send her a message telling her just how much you love her bloggy…this shit makes us bloggers feel warm and fuzzy.