Speaking of Pools

Look at this hotel’s pool. Isn’t it stunning and just make you wanna dive on in with your arms wrapped around your knees yelling CANNONBALL!!! I bet that would piss soooo many people off. 
I want to go to there…I mean here. 
The whole hotel is pretty cool.. It’s called The Raleigh in Miami FL. It’s been getting some blog love lately so if you have already seen this, sorry….actually I am not sorry!!  I am doing you a favor and showing it to you again so you can dream about it today and cry cause you are not there!

** I would also like to include a note to anyone representing this here hotel and possibly getting google alerts or emails regarding my shameless promotion of your swanky digs. I am a HUGE BLOGGER like MASSIVE, capable of many things, including getting my millions upon millions of readers to go to your hotel and pay gobs of money to stay at your establishment. You can thank me by sending myself, the Duck, and G…. also Penny the Dog, a round trip ticket and an all expenses paid key to your fine hotel so that we may sun ourselves on your lovely loungers. I will also gladly accept a voucher for free alcoholic drinks, all of which presumably will have a pineapple and a decorative umbrella. Really appreciate it Raleigh Hotel. Have your people contact my people Mmmkay? ***
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