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I woke up this morning sore in places I didn’t even know existed. I guess I have a muscle on the top of my foot that decided it was gonna introduce itself to me today.  It has started sending shooting pains through my legs all day in apparent attempt to get my attention. Well hello foot muscle…..piss off now please.

The project is done at least. It’s finished, completed, and WAYAAYYAYAY different. 

Here is the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

OK so regardless if you love it or hate it….you have to appreciate the time it all got done in. One WEEK is short!

Friday: phone call…….” Hi Amber do my studio in one week”…..OK sure.
Sat & Sun: Brainstorm and cry at the thought I may fail miserably.
Monday: Go shopping around the entire city of Los Angeles. I went to tons of thrift and vintage stores, as well as some hidden antique haunts I love in the sketchiest parts of town.
Tuesday: Back out shopping, this time in less life threatening stores.
Wednesday:Finally help arrives. Me and my amazing design assistant extraordinaire Amanda were on the ultimate mission to get it all bought and ready for delivery on Friday. Today we demoed in the studio and ripped down the monstrous ugly storage cabinet. Here I had the help of my contractor who also happens to be my talented brother. Then Amanda and I were back out shopping to get all the finishing touches. There was a lot of shit left to do and we somehow pulled it right out of our asses and made it happen. 
Thursday: Another full day of crazy. Rocky my painter, painted all the walls and trim……{So on a side note, we painted the gallery wall a Terra Cotta color from Benjamin Moore…and no joke it dried to look like a salmon milkshake, so Amanda and I stayed and painted the whole wall over again. It was the suckiest part of the whole process but we made it work and all is well that ends well}. 
Friday: Furniture deliveries are coming today and we were supposed to be out of the studio so the band could come in and start working……This did not happen cause at 11:30pm we still were not finished. 
Saturday: Stain dining table, put in new desk, scramble for accessories, do shelves, organize bathroom, kitchenette, and back patio. 4:30 PM DONE

We were literally working almost every night till 10…Friday we stayed till 11:30. I saw G like 15 minutes the whole week which made me a super extra crazy lunatic. I Love Amanda and my subs for all there help. They make me look good and I could not have done this without them. 
The client emailed and Loves it.. I am so happy. This was one of the most stressful but really really fun projects I have ever had. I met some amazing new people and felt like I was just so in my element. The client gave me free reign to do my thing with only a few stipulations. I had to keep the blue couch, which I was not crazy about but it ended up working out just fine. Also West Elm delivered the wrong colored chair….it was supposed to be white. I was, and am, pissed but I made it work, even though I would have been way happier with my white chair…oh well.  Everything else was a matter of finding the right vintage pieces and stuff that was in stock in stores. 

Please email me if you have any questions or want to hire my interior designering butt!