Posted on by Amber Lewis

The weather over here in Val-Town has been real earthquakey…..Since I am a lady of southern California I am well-versed in weather which normally indicates the world might be rockin soon.. Hot one day then hail the next… If it’s not an earthquake coming than it’s definitely been weird weather to say the least.
On Sunday there was a serious storm outside with rain, wind, and a bit of hail so I guess that was as good an excuse as any to gorge our faces full of british inspired grub. The Duck got a wild hair and decided to roast a chicken, roast some root veggies and potatoes, and make yorkshire puddings.

Email me if you want the recipies to any of these and I will have the Duck give me the info.

Here is how it went down….


G looked for crap in the cupboards….I guess she was helping her Dad out.

1:15 pm
The Duck gave the chicken a little rub down…
Don’t let the sweater fool you… he is TOTALLY secure in his manhood and wears “pink and orange stripey jumpers” 
{said in still confusing after 6 years british/welsh accent}

1:23 pm
The Duck busted out some root veggies. Parsnips and carrots that turned out sinfully good….

1:35 pm

 Then he made some yummy Yorkshire puddings…..for us Americana folks…this is basically a puffed up flour and egg savory cakey thing that is AMAZEBALLS. It’s like a dinner roll for the morbidly obese!

1:45 pm
Here were the roasted veggies…I could have ate an entire plate of just these..THEY WERE GOOD!

 2:04 pm

And here is the full shebang pic of what eventually ended up on my big layer of butt blubber.  This meal has forced me to think about possibly working out this week…cheyaaahh right!

 Email me if you want to gain 12 pounds and make this grub to feed your face!
I’ll give you the recipes, but at your own risk!