Posted on by Amber Lewis

I always seem to have a thousand side projects. One of my faves is definitely flower arranging. I have found you don’t always need to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and drive to the flower market in order to score the best flowers. There is most likely a supermarket within a 10 mile radius from your home and if you know how to look you can turn the crappiest market flowers into a worthy arrangement. Here is a couple of helpful tips I use when I need a quick floral stunner!
1. No Primary colored flowers.
          Now this tip is subjective. yellow flowers can be beautiful and so can red..however you MUST mix them with other things or they tend to look cheesy.  Case in point, these red roses only look fab because there are other colors mixed in. 
2. Head to the vegetable aisle:
          Most markets don’t offer much more than some common baby’s breath for filler, so i always check out the veggie aisle. Kale, baby cabbages and artichokes are some great options to use as fillers. 
3. Think outside the Vase
          Try something different as your container. Head down the Tupperware aisle…or look for baskets. You can even try colored plastic cups wrapped in ribbon. If you do use glass…fill it with beans, lemon wedges, or purple lettuce leaves.
Here is a Mason jar wrapped in twine
4. Less is more.
         Sometimes the prettiest arrangements are the ones with the less to look at. Try wrapping some rosemary and parsley with twine.
Here is what I did for G’s first B-day…I found the pink Tupperware containers in the Dollar bins at Target and the rest was from Trader Joes. Each arrangement cost me about 13 bucks!

I would love to see some of your market bunches! Send em on over. xo