Posted on by Amber Lewis

Don’t try this at home unless you are totally comfortable with electrocution, sandpaper hands, and browsing Home Depot for hours searching for a “metal plate thingy that has holes in it”

Ok I’ll just get to it. A couple of you lovers have emailed me about my lighting above my sink. I made it myself from a table lamp purchased for 45 bucks! 
Well here is what it looked like before…..

I took the base off to expose the wires…This particular task lamp had a huge bulky base so I went to Home Depot and bought a slimmer ceiling canopy plate. I then had to search for a sconce plate which was not an easy task….I ended up making one myself….Not photographed

 I ran the wires through and then screwed the plate on with a washer.

Basically a bunch of tinkering and messing around with wires I created this…

I was so inspired by this idea that I was a repeat offender and did the same thing in my office.
* ignore the cork board…there is still no trim or cord cover on the light. Oh… and definitely ignore the wall color*