Posted on by Amber Lewis

First things First 
Yours truly is being featured on the “Style at Home” section of the go to style source Glitter Guide today!!
Please go show me some love and go like glitter guide on Facebook and follow them on twitter and spread the word…
G.G creator Taylor contacted me a while back and I jumped on the chance of being featured in such an inspiring daily read….wouldn’t you?
The pics of my pad are all kinds of pretty!!!
The lovely and talented Jessie webster took the photos. If you don’t already follow her blog PLEASE go do so.
Bare with me this week.
I am wrapping up an installation of a house here in Sunny Santa Monica CA!
I can’t wait for you lovers to scope it. I’ll be tweeting progress and happenings so make sure to go follow me 

tomorrow I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!
so come on back here and get involved…