:Thoughts on Things:



It’s Friday peeps! Here are a few thoughts on things for the week:

1. Recently photographer Amy Bartlam reached out and I was instantly blown away by her work. I plan on booking some shoots with her soon, but for now I will just swoon over all of the eye candy on her site!! Just gorgeous!

2. Before you miss out on the BEST DEAL EVER go buy THESE teak loungers for outside now… $50 bucks dudes!!!

3. Did you happen to see THIS “kissing” video? Check out Vice’s version HERE!

4. J.CREW is having a huge sale!!! 25% off everything! Use code HEYSPRING and shop till you drop. I just bought this, this, and this… oh, and THIS!

5. HAHAHAHA check out THIS for a good laugh

6. Did you check out Killer Babe Florence Welch’s London Pad?!? It’s one part annoying, 5 parts amazing… In my personal opinion.

7. Last but not least! I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it.. we all are. A good reminder to each of us in a world FULL of technology to check out every now and then.

Happy weekend to you and yours lovers!

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