TOP 10 // Tulum Style

Is it the weekend yet?? What a week! I’ve literally been non-stop since Monday morning. Styling. Photoshoots. Meetings. Presentations. Site-Visits. You name it. That being said – can you blame me for dreaming about TULUM?? Noooope. This post is a pre-cursor to a new post I’ll be introducing come February… hint hint next month’s will be about Tulum.

Would you guys be down if I started giving you tips and secrets about vacation spots? Some that I have been to … Some that my trusty employees have been to… You tell me! I always stress about where to go when I travel to another city… so if I could help y’all ditch the lame stuff – that would be kinda cool…right?

In the meantime… I’ve selected 10 items that will help transport you to Tulum in style. Take a look below, shop the links, and comment your favs. Enjoy xx


1. Nassa Basket Pendant Light

2. Coqui Coqui Coco Coco Difusor de Ambiente

3. Marte Storage Cabinet

4. Rug – Puna 0195 by Pampa

5. Woven Malawi Chair

6. Woven Hanging Chair

7. White/Black Jumbo Copabu Bowl

8. Coqui Coqui Coco Coco Candle

9. Aliso Lamp

10. Roni Woven Jute Rug

photo sources: 1 + 2

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