TOP 5’s with Sheridan & Nicole

Today is Friday, which wraps up my Top 5’s for December. 

You lovers all seem to enjoy it so let me know if you think I should make this a bi-monthly series..?
I enjoy it, so you might not have a choice!
Today I have invited Sheridan and Nicole on over to share some Fave Fives.
First Up I have Mrs. French talking bout Kitchens!
If you are unfamiliar with the Southern Eclectic blog, well your missing out. 
Sheridan is a fashion designer extraordinaire as well as a Super Mom of two babies with number 3 on the way…. 
She is super entertaining and I LOVE her “what I wore” posts. 
Talk about HOT Mama!
Lets see what she fancies to be the cat’s pajamas of Kitchens…
OK so clearly I have a thing for lacquer, a thing for color, and I’m especially smitten when the two are combined. Most people see kitchens as safe zones in the house – as in, let’s keep it clean and simple…but that doesn’t have to mean only white! Kitchens should, in my opinion, be one of the most passionately decorated rooms of your home. I don’t know about you, but we pretty much LIVE in our kitchen. Why spend family time in a stark and cold environment? Make them warm. Welcoming. And above all, full of love. 

A few key tips:
– Color is most powerful when taken to the max. Don’t go the pastel route here. Knock it out of the park with bold hues.
– Floor to ceiling is most effective. Occasionally lower cabinets in blue or one wall in pink looks great, but more often than not, they look like after thoughts. Don’t be scared. Just go for it!
– Don’t be afraid to have fun. Is there a color you’ve always loved? Drench your kitchen in it and never look back. You can thank me later, but be warned that you might soon become the most popular dinner party host in town. 

If you want to just dabble with some color and are afraid of going overboard, hit the floor first. Combine your chosen color with the main hue in your kitchen already to make it flow seamlessly.

Talk about bold. Who wouldn’t want to cook in here?! Is it red? Is it pink? I don’t even care. It makes a statement, and that’s all that matters.

Soothing. Cozy. Pour me a good Cab and let’s sit and talk for hours. I would have done the ceiling navy as well, like the green kitchen below. Contrary to popular belief, dark ceilings along with walls OPEN a room up and raise the ceiling rather than lower it. The darkness almost makes it go away. Just a little tip! 

What a great solution for a small kitchen. I am green with envy!

And my all time favorite. Crazy colors. Animal prints. Modern and traditional. I’m home. 

Thanks for having me Amber! 
Send your followers to my Pinterest to check out more great interior decor ideas. 

Muchas smoochas!
And last but certainly not least I have Nicole, author of So Haute blog. 
I have had the fortune of hanging with Nicole when she came to interview me in my pad. She is every bit as lovely as you would imagine. Talented AND nice is always great qualities to possess.. Throw in some amazing fashion sense and a great eye for all things chic and you have Nicole!

She has rounded up her top 5 Sexy Bedrooms!!!
Hey guys! It’s Nicole from So Haute! When Amber asked me to round up my top 5 rooms I knew I wanted to focus on bedrooms but there are so many beautiful bedrooms to choose from I thought I’d put a fun little twist on it and round up the top 5 sexiest bedrooms! 
Here goes…

Martyn Lawrence Bullard knows how to create a room with sex appeal and this bedroom designed for Jimmy Choo CEO Tamara Mellon is a perfect example. The plush white flokati rug, the metallic embroidered textiles, lacquered side tables and shiny mercury glass lamps lend an exotic and romantic feel to the room. As Martyn would say…it’s totally delicious!

This room designed by Ryan Korban is also quite sexy. I think the fur pillows do it for me here. (Hopefully I won’t get a pie in the face for saying this but) Fur is always kinda sexy! 

Another sexy Ryan Korban space…the black accents, cowhide rug, chrome lamp, black velvet side chair, antler and hide side table and fur bedspread are a great combo and together help this space ooze sex appeal. 

Lots of sensual textures going on in this room particularly in the silk headboard and other luscious fabrics. This looks like the kind of room where  a forbidden affair might go down…

There’s something so alluring about a four poster bed and that come-hither canopy with the pagoda detailing is titillating all by itself! I also think the dark chocloate brown walls and silk pillows scream seductive!

Finally, I leave you with a bonus room…Because I couldn’t pick just 5! This room is another sexy creation by Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Why? First, the bed is elevated on a platform. Secondly, it is full of exotic elements and that bone inlaid headboard is to die for. Thirdly – it features a white fur bedspread and pillows. Nuff said.

Hope you enjoyed this roundup of sexy bedrooms and thanks Amber for inviting me to join in on this fun feature! xoxo
Ok Folks, so there ya go 
Two more fab blogger and there 5 faves.

Have a happy weekend and back here on Monday….

Love Ya. Mean It

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