Posted on by Amber Lewis

The time has come again in my chosen life as a wife to an international axe man, that I am left at home to care for the G’ster, the Hound, and the Caat whilst the Duck travels around Europe for the next 2 weeks. 
While I am jealous of his summer vacation, ahem…. sorry I mean his hard business travel time…
 {yes sir “working” is hard} 
I am happy to spend some alone time with my little one. I am as busy as a beaver for the next two weeks and I am hoping that the time will just FLY by.
I am always trying to think of a good lead in topic that correlates to some lame design thing I am gonna talk about, but today I couldn’t think of anything except this.
Tour Widow= Wallpaper matching Window treatments
I mainly hate them both the same….
That dog is even mad about the ugly scene happening here

Rooster weeds ugly

Goddy Bullard Balls

No words for Ugly, Ugly
If you want me to match the walls and the curtains then I am not the interior designer for you.
 If you read my blog and like this look please tell me why???? 
Let’s start a debate like the civilized design nerds we all are.