Trend I aint Mad at: Beachy Art Prints

I have been known to discuss various “trends I aint mad at” in the past, and thought it was time to blab about another one I find generally to be a “go to” trend at the moment. Recently I started working with the incredibly talented Gray Malin on a pillow collaboration . After spending some time together and hearing more about his artsy process, my appreciation for his work as well as other photographers has increased dramatically. I mean, Imagine how cool your job must be to fly around in a helicopter and snap photos of people from above. Not only do you get to spy on people in bathing suits, HA!, but you are also totally capturing a moment in time for someone you will never meet or ever know. As the photographer behind the lens, the objects in the image are the “work” but they are actually real people doing real things, enjoying a real life. I don’t know why but if you can even wrap your head around what I am taking about, this whole concept kinda trips me out…in the best way possible. Last time I was at Gray’s home I found myself up close and personal with one of his pieces thinking to myself “I wonder what the hell that guy was thinking right then at that moment?”.. Maybe it’s weird, but  thats where my brain goes. Its a little bit voyeuristic, a lotta bit genius and definitely gorgeous. I am still digging this trend for sure!

One Kings Lane is selling some gorgeous photographs from various artists, and I thought I should round up some of my faves ( this was tough)

oceanprints1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


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