Posted on by Amber Lewis

T- T- T- Turkey Time.. and this year its at the our house! So as you know we are pre-op on our houses looming face lift. I have lovingly been passed the Turkey Torch from my Mom’s house to our house and I am very very thrilled/stressed. I love to host, don’t get me wrong… but our house is pretty un-decorated to say the least. I know family doesn’t matter and they will see past the forest green carpet and shiny chintz wallpaper, but none the less I am an interior perfection obsessed weirdo and my house is just silly.  I am a big fan of a wacky color combo so this year I am thinking my thanksgiving color scheme should be as distracting and eye catching as possible! Turquoise and Tangerine is what I came up with. I’ll add a little bit of gold and pink tackiness, just to be sure no-one will look at the massive 70’s lava rock fireplace!!!

OK not a table scape, but I am inspired by the pretty color combo none the less