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Yo! Happy Hump Day

What is going on?whats happening? how is everyone doing?

remember when I said that heartfelt post about reconnecting with you readers?? Well, uummmm I have been sucking and I am sorry. I promise I will start showing more love again and responding to you all better.

But I don’t want to dwell, so lets move on and talk about the amazing Tiel Duncan. I am not quite sure how we stumbled across this talented lady, but I am so glad we did. Basically everything is sold on the site so I am assuming I am late to the party, but I signed up on the mailing list, so I am waiting for news of new pieces…

I mean, check this..

amberinteriorstielduncanso so good and worth of a gigantic spotlight.

visit her, sign up for the mailing list and pin away!

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