Vendor Spotlight: Sarah Ellison

Happy Monday lovers!

I was going to write a big long recap of the Oscar’s and it’s Fashun, but I have to say, I thought it was SO un-eventful that I figured why waste anymore time. 3.5 hours of pizza, and group selfies was just enough to push me over the edge. Where was the dancing host, and ridiculous showboating that we all love to hate??

Arghh, such a bummer.. No??

My praise does go to Lupita, Jared, and Matthew for holdin in down and jerkin a single tear from my eye. And Cate, your dress was ridic… And I am so curious if you forgot Woody on purpose??? (Of course she did)

Anyways, let get back to what y’all come here for… Interior design stuffs! This weeks Vendor Spotlight is, surprise  surprise another kick ass Australian designer doing something amazing as always. Why is that country filled with so much coolness?!

Yet another case in point,  Check out this new line by fab designer Sarah Ellison. They are sold exclusively through Emily Ziz. Check out the whole line HERE.

Light of Heart Wallpaper

image-1 image-5 image-6 image-7 image-8 could you just squeal?

I’ll take one of everything!

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