Posted on by Amber Lewis

 After my weekend from hell, and still being left without a completed Kitchen to show off, I am forced to pay attention to the eyesores left throughout my house. My office, for example has become the house’s crap catch all and looks more like an episode of “Hoarders” than a work space.

I am not the most “zen” of people and lately I am constantly feeling like a spun out stress ball. My solution is to make my work space and home serene and calming. A place where I can feel productive and positive. Now, since I can’t paint my office in Xanax, and such pharmaceuticals don’t typically come in the form of home decor, I must look to more practical mellow inducing sources.

I love the sound of water and I love the colors of nature so pale blues, corals, and greens are whats inspiring me. I want to DIY some watercolor fabric for curtains or paint my office a pretty washed out gray. This artist Serena Mitnik Miller is amazing! She is definitely chilling me out!