Weekend in Review

So if you follow along on Insta you saw that I made a little impromptu trip to Santa Barbara with the duck this weekend.

We went just for the day but it was so beautiful and fun to set out spontaneously on our day date without my little G in tow…

even if all we did was talk about her!

I made a couple of stops at some worthy stores and had some KILLER Mexican food and went beer tasting. I also did oodles of shopping for clients which is always fun!!!!

first stop. PORCH in Carpenteria.

photo 1

They had a beautiful garden area where I got re-inspired to put mexican feather grass in Terra Cotta pots..


photo 2 copy 3

photo 2 copy 4

photo 3 copy 6

the duck enjoyed it as well

photo 1 copy 3

Then we were off to BOTANIK

photo 3 copy 5

photo 2 copy 2

I have been a long fan of this store but its been a while since I have been there…I am glad I was reminded how much awesome this store has to offer! Its a Neutral Palace…but I like it

Then MAGIC happened...no not that kind of magic you dirty birds.

Food Magic.

The kind of food magic where you dream of the meal in your sleep and would cut a bitch just to get some more..

 Los Agaves makes me weak in the knees and I may just drive there today to get some baja fish tacos to go

photo 1 copy

Holy SHIT it was good

 Next stop..State Street where I drank the best damn coffee I ever had at French Press, shopped at the always beautiful Rooms and Gardens, and found some crazy random spots worth taking pictures of.

photo 3 copy 4

photo 5 copy 3

BTW..I wore this outfit….It was comfy and cute if I do say so myself..

photo 3 copy 2 photo 4 copy 2

photo 3 copy 3

jeans // boots // tee // sweater // bag // necklace // watch // hat // turquoise ring (vintage)

Back down the street we strolled and stopped into Raoul Textiles

photo 5 copy 2

photo 1

The amazing cashwrap was hand painted…which was totally inspiring and made me think I should paint the crap tiles in my bathroom JUST LIKE THIS!

photo 5 copy

I bought some fabric for a new client…

photo copy 2

and off we went to the Santa Barbara Brewing Co. & Resturaunt where we tried some beers and I got myself a lovely afternoon buzz..

I also discovered I was allergic to wheat beer because my throat started swelling closed…

but alls well that ends well.

photo 3

photo 5

This concludes my non-paid tourists review..

can I just say if you are ever in Southern California and are bored with nothing much to do…do yourself a favor and visit Santa Barbara.

I will share pics of clientPMP’s install tomorrow. so y’all come back now ya hear?

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