Welcome Home

lovers, IT HAPPENED!


We got the keys to the new house and escrow on my old house is set to close any day now..

Y’all, I can’t believe this is happening and I can’t WAIT to show you all the new pad and start on all the many projects I have in store for it!

This will by far be the most creative I have ever had to be. We are leasing, which means I can’t do half of the shit I want to…

plus I have to work with ugly brown carpet…which makes me want to gag

But on the bright side, the house is big. 5 bedrooms to decorate, a dining room, a family room, a living room, and a back yard. I am gonna be busy as it gets and I can’t wait! PLUS the buyers who bought our house basically bought all the furniture with it, sooo gets who gets to buy all brand spanking new crap.. ME!!!

so much eye candy will be flowing through this here bloggy, I hope you all start to frequent this place more often.

welcome home

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Happy Monday Indeed!

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