Who in the what now?

The world of blog is a festering cesspool of all manner of people, places, and things in this world.
It is in said cesspool that I have “met” some pretty phenomenal ladies…(one gent) and been introduced to some outrageous talent I may have never had the fortune of knowing had it not been for the beauty of the blog.
The funny and inspiring Bailey is a fellow bloggin, designing, super Mama I like to call a “blog-pal” that has just knocked my socks clean off with the anticipated unveiling of her new home George Banks.
The color splashed throughout this house is bananas….
The fact that her husband allows such a splash makes me think there is not a more perfect pair in the universe that these two…nor a cooler husband around.
I like a girl with balls….and Bailey, she has a pair! 
You have probably all seen these getting mad love on Pinterest and Design Sponge but I don’t give a rats!
I am posting them again!

yeah…thats right
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