Why in the Hell?

Hay thayer friends!!
I am officially stupid….here is why
Lately I do things with zero common sense..
I never, ever say anything accept the word “Yes” when most of the time I wanna yell “no no NOOOO”
At least 4 times a day I whisper to myself…”Hey Amber, why in the hell did you do that??”
for example
Hey Amber, why in the hell did you say yes to having a magazine come and shoot your house when you can barely remember to brush your teeth or pick up your laundry off the floor??
Hey Amber , why in the hell would you decide to rip open your bathroom two days after your husband gets home from being gone for 2 months and then force him to do demo and think about plumbing when all he wants to do is spend time with his kid and wife….
Hey Amber, why in the HELL would you offer up what little time you have left in your insane life and schedule 4 room installs and a brand new client design project in the next 2-3 weeks (read above husband just got home and leaving for two months at the end of June, remodeling bathroom, and have a huge photo shoot)…all to be completed the end of June???
Why in the HELL?????
As Katie likes to say “I come from a place of yes” and as I like to say “chaos is comforting”
Sometimes I must admit though, my hungry ass bites off way more than I can chew.
Lets seg-way into my bathroom affairs… a great example of taking on too much…
This is all happening now and I wish I could wiggle my nose to make it all go away.
Here is the bathroom in all of it’s glory when we bought our house….
pink nasty THEN:
and pink nasty NOW:

look how happy he is.

“Amber, you are such a pain in the arse”

Fingers crossed this shit gets wrapped up this week….otherwise I might rush my face in this toilet
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