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Thanksgiving can be summed up in one word for me this year. Alcohol….. Lots and lots of alcohol. Normally I take table setting and entertaining very seriously. Being that this year was my time to shine, and the turkey torch had been passed my way, you would have thought I would have stayed sober enough to at least light some candles, set the table and take some photos…Nope. Let me re-phrase this.. I got so drunk I made a speech to all my guests, congratulating my “fellow Americans on our win against the British.” Thanksgiving was the celebration NOT the 4th of July. Now this may have been a “had to be there moment” or it may have been a “get this girl some water” moment. Either way it was an awkward experience for everyone involved including myself. Apparently I took these photos of my uncompleted table scape’s and my sister snapped a few of me and G. I also took one at some point of the crowd chowing down. This particular blurry view basically became the way I was seeing my first turkey day go down.HA! if I wasn’t laughing I would be crying :}


Don’t worry I was sitting!

Scarf from H&M used as table cloth :$17. 
Succulents from Walmart :$13,
Hammered Tin Bowls: Target clearance: $3,
Nervous host, 5 Glasses of wine, and no food: PRICELESS
…………How I saw things most of the evening

……………How my guests saw me most of the evening