World Tour Stop:Greece

Funny story everyone… So #2 on my bucket list is Greece. I just got a call from my Dad and I am not shitting you I say “Hey Daddy you wanna go get dinner this week” the Padre says “Oh I wont be here I am going to Greece” I say “Oh cool, but I was asking if you want to go to dinner on Wednesday?” assuming my father would have given me at least a months notice to relish in my jealousy. Pappy responds” Yeah, I just said I am going to Greece”…”Wait on Wednesday?”….”Yep, Wednesday till the 20 somethin of June, 3 weeks.”

WTF I wanna go to Greece. Does my Dad not know it’s number TWO on the Bucket List? Does he not understand that I would sell an ovary to get my family to Crete? OK OK OK….I wish the story ended by him saying “well whatdya know I have decided to try out for Father of the Year in 2011 and I am taking You, The Duck, G, The Nanny, Penny the hound, Stella the gato, and shit-head the mortgage all to Greece for an all expenses paid vacation trip of a lifetime.” NOPE that’s not what happened. And just to add insult to soul injury, as I am proof reading this out loud to the Duck he mumbles all Britishy “I have been to Greece” FANTASTIC YOUR A SHITHEAD TOO. Oh And !OPA! to you Pappy.  
Cut to reality and I have no plans for a Grecian getaway anytime soon. I am left to lust over pictures of white buildings set on crystal blue sky’s and the Mediterranean sea lapping itself on white sand beaches.

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