Posted on by Amber Lewis

Since I am hog tied to my 2 year old, a mortgage, and a boomin design business, World travellin is not in my cards for a while. Trust me I have done my fair share of globe trottin back pre-monkey, but there is soooooo many places I have left to go.

My bucket List is filled with places I wanna go on adventures to. This week I am gonna run them down..My top 5 world tour destinations. Lets make this fun lovers, and tell me your 5 places on your own bucket list. 
First Stop Morocco!
I just wanna party down with some crazy cous-cous and a sexy souk or two. Plus I can wear Kaftan’s 24 hours a day without any snide looks.  I am most definitely gonna run into a couple of camel tassels which would alone make the trip worth while.
Mainly though I would soak all the architecture and culture in and just study it. It’s stunning and all around the details of Moorish style is bonkers pretty much!

This is the Peacock Pavilions. It is just an example of a plush and amazing hotel located in Marakesh. I would loaf around here for as long as possible.


So where we going tomorrow? Stay tuned………