You can layer…i promise

I often get emails about the size of my rugs and their awkward sizes. The questions typically read as follows …

” Hey Amber, I love your rugs but how the fuck is a 102.5″ by 54″ rug gonna work in my bedroom??”

Haha, Ok I have never had anyone use such vulgarity in an email about my rugs, but I feel like if I wasn’t in “the know” about how to make this wacky size work, I would totes be turned off by the weird measurements and how un user friendly they may seem.

Well, it is my duty as the slanger of these rugs to tell you the secret


I have used this trick numerous times in my decorating past….




(via amber interiors)

so has a few other fancy designers …

jam living[4]



(image via? help me out)


( SF girl by bay )


(jonathan adler beach house project)


(image via dunno?)

See what I am talking about?

Its totally a thing that is acceptable and  would instantly give you design clout if you were to do this in your own home.

Lets try some combos out!


8′ x 10′ jute rug  + “Prarie” kilim rug= works every time!!

normally a 4′.9″ x 7′.25″ would be super weird, but when paired with a standard sized neutral color and textured rug underneath…

its works just great!


Sarasi Rug 5′ x 7’6″ + “Maya” Rug 4’3″ x 3′.25″ = awesome combo!

same goes for this one…nuetral color and normal size layered with a bright rug in a funky size



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