36 Hours in Burgundy

beaune recap 2

It’s so hard to believe that we’ve been back for about a week.  It seems that Burgundy was ages ago, when really it was just two and a half weeks. Isn’t it crazy how memories fade in such a short amount of time? These photos are bringing it all back for me.  The wine, the countryside, the fresh air, and the small-town atmosphere were all such a lovely contrast to the bustle of Paris. In just 36 hours in Beaune, we managed to see the same people at multiple bars and restaurants- families eating with their kids, teenagers on dates, and groups of friends relaxing after a workday. It became apparent what a small community it was, but that was fine with us as it gave us a little taste of local french life.  Here is what we did in Beaune! 

beaune recap 1

The town of Beaune is second largest in Burgundy to Dijon and we actually choose the town as our home base for exploring Burgundy solely because of the hotel.  Abbaye de Maizieres had great ratings on Booking.com, and it looked so charming!  It used to be a monastery where they (you guessed it) made wine. The check in area utilized the old cellars while the rooms were converted from what used to be the monks rooms. There wasn’t an elevator and the spiral staircase (which I shared on Instagram) made going up and down from the room quite a workout!  With all of the eating and drinking we were doing, that was totally fine with me, however.


Day 1:  We arrived at the hotel around 3pm, checked in, and cleaned up. We took off to explore the Hospice which is a 15th century hospital that was actually still in working order until the 1980s!  It was shocking how they used to care for the sink and injured in the middle ages.  It was so worth a trip.  After the 2 hours it took us to explore the building, we had snacks and drinks and Route 66. I actually didn’t want to go to the cafe solely because of it’s name, but it turned out to be a good decision.  We had an amazing charcuterie board (above) and drank 3-euro glasses of wine.  Pretty amazing. After our giant meat and cheese board, we weren’t hungry for much else, but explored the little town and drank more wine before turning in.

Day 2:  We walked the half-mile to the bike rental shop (Bourgogne Randonnees) and rented a couple sets of wheels for the full day.  They gave us a great map and some really wonderful recommendations on wineries to stop at on our bike ride.  The best part?  The trail is almost exclusively for bikes only… so there really is no danger in the biking and sipping. We stopped at Le Montrachet in Puligny-Montrachet for lunch and were surprised with a Michelan star restaurant.  It was excellent.  The absolute best thing we had was this vanilla sorbet with olive oil.  It sounds so crazy, but Matt’s convinced it was his favorite dessert from the entire trip. We biked a full 40 kilometers and it was actually pretty hard. We only had the one day, so we made it happen, but if we had it do it again, I would take a couple of days to bike that distance.

It was a long day, but we also knew that we only had the one day in Beaune, so we quickly turned around after the bike ride and went out to a legit dinner (since the night before, we just had charcuterie). We went to Brasserie le Carnot and I felt compelled to have the boeuf bourguignon.  It was lovely. They also sold their wine in ‘jugs’.  The jug was just 15 Euro, so we had one jug between the two of us and it turns out that it was about two full bottles…sooo….

Day 3: We slept in a tad after our long day of bike riding, then went out for cappuccinos and madeleines before collecting the car and heading out.  It was a quick trip, but we felt like we accomplished a ton and did it fairly relaxingly.

Beaune is very small, so it’s easy to see it all in just 36 hours.  There are wonderful restaurants and some pretty cute shopping however, that did make me wish we had an extra day!

I could totally see how people can spend a full week biking, hiking, and exploring the food and wines of this area.  There was so much depth and we barely scratched the surface.

Have you been to Burgundy?  What was your favorite part? Mine was the inexpensive (and fabulous) wine!

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