5 Awesome Christmas Cookie Recipes


Wow!  It’s been a big few weeks for us.  If you didn’t see our big announcement yesterday, check it out.  For today, though, We’re sharing five(!!) different types of cookies for your holiday and all of the work was totally worth it.  I’ve been snacking on these lovelies for the past couple of days – testing each recipe and ensuring that they’re good enough to share.  I made a variety of flavors – chocolate, spice, nutty, creamy – and a variety of types – sandwich, drop, sliced.

There is a little something for everyone and I’m so excited to share all of these cookies with you! 

First – the Ginger Cookie Whoopie Pies!  As if whoopie pies weren’t awesome enough already, let’s make the cookie parts gingerbread.

ginger whoopie pies_1 DSC_8377

Next up, I watched the movie Chocolat last night for the first time… can you believe I’d never seen it before?  I absolutely loved it and was inspired to do a spicy sweet take on the traditional chocolate crackle cookie.

mexican chocolate cookies DSC_8400

I have a very soft spot in my heart for the orange flavors during Christmas.  The tartness of the orange mixed with the sweet nuttiness of the pistachio is a perfect combination.

orange palmiers DSC_8379

Because I’m a bit of an old soul, I always make a drier cookie like wedding cookies or bourbon balls. This year, I went with an Italian take on the spice cookie with a sweet orange glaze.  They are lovely.

italian cookies DSC_8388

Lastly, we needed a very classic cookie and the chocolate chip takes the cake…eh cookie. I gave it a bit of a holiday twist by adding in some hazelnuts and some almond extract to give it an all-over rich and nutty flavor.

chocolate chunk cookies DSC_8387

It is a lot of work to make a few different varieties, but in one day it can get done in a few hours.  Now, I have all of these different cookies (waiting in the freezer) for Christmas next week.  For each party we’ll attend, I’ll bring out several of each type of cookie and it will make a wonderful addition to our holiday gatherings!

I do this every year and every year I try different cookie types.  I definitely think the Mexican Chocolate cookies and the Orange Palmiers are going to be staples, however!

Do you join in on the tradition of Christmas cookies?  Are there any types you swear by?

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