5 Minute Modern Candlestick DIY

5 minute modern candlestick diy

Sometimes things just click, right?  I was at the craft store last week buying the wood for our Thanksgiving table centerpieces, and I saw these random ‘legs’.  The tags on them said they were supposed to be stool legs, but I immediately saw a matte black modern candlestick.

Just an aisle over were the other two necessities I needed to quickly (seriously, in five minutes) create these beautiful, simple, and modern diy candlesticks.

Originally, I was going to cut one of the orbed legs into two smaller pieces for a trio of small, medium, and large candlesticks, but then I felt that two taller ones were a little more classic and simple, which is a nice balance to the modern shape.  Plus, I wanted a DIY that anyone could do, regardless of power tool ownership (or non-ownership).






  • Two Turned Legs (these are from Michaels, and they were 5.99 each)
  • Two mini wooden flowerpots (also from Michaels)
  • Two 1/4″ x 2″ wooden disks (Michaels, again)
  • Wood glue ( I like the Gorilla brand)
  • Spray Paint



Start with the disc base.  Glue the disc to the one flat end of the candlestick.  Hold the candlestick upright for about 90 seconds.  After 90 seconds, it should hold enough to stand on it’s own.



As it’s standing on it’s own, glue the flowerpot to the top of the candlestick and also hold in place for 90 seconds.  Wait about another minute for it to set up more, the spray paint.



So simple, but so good, right? This modern candlestick DIY is going to go amazingly with both my Thanksgiving table and my chosen Christmas theme!

How fun would this be to do together with your family and then use them for the holiday table?  Tell me below, do you do crafts when your family gets together?  Ours always does!

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