5 Tips to Setting a Festive Tablescape

creating a fall tablescape

Creating festive table decor for our parties is actually my favorite part of the entire party!  It’s something that I love spending time playing with and experimenting with different set ups, but something that most people tell me they have trouble with.  I decided to put together my top five tips for creating a compelling table arrangement for your next gathering.

Let’s get started! 

think outside storebough

ONE I always have trouble finding exactly what I want from the store.  I end up driving from place to place in search of something that I’m not sure exists.  For this reason, I use alternate materials when I can, starting with the table linens. This plaid runner is the perfect color and is actually just a few yards of unfinished fabric from Jo-Ann fabrics.  With a mail flyer coupon, a few yards of fabric is much cheaper than finding extra long or unusual sized linens.

place your plates

TWO Lay out your plates right after your linens. this shows you how much space you’re working with for the centerpiece decor and you can work around them.

risers on a diagonal

THREE Risers serve several purposes.  Not only does the style add to the decor, but they can be functional as well. Risers can either elevate your decor, creating height variation and added interest or the can serve as a spot to place food – nestled among the decor.  They should be on the diagonal because that allows more space for the plates! If they were placed square, the corners would bump into the plates. I choose to use the whole table for decor for this gathering since the food was on a sideboard.

pile it high

FOUR Use varied sizes, textures, and colors to decorate your table.  Here I used pumpkins, but it could be anything from candles to pinecones, to flowers, to christmas ornaments and beyond.


FIVE create layers on the plates. Use napkins, place cards, napkin rings, silverware, or just a little decorative object.  Even a votive candle would look adorable. I think that what you do on the plates is what makes your guests feel so loved.

So there you have it!  My top five steps to creating a memorable and beautiful table at your next gathering! Have any favorite tips of your own?  Share them below!!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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