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5 ways to feel the spring

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In our farmhouse, when we’ve been through a whole winter without much airflow, I am always so ready for spring to come and give us a bit of fresh air. There are a few other ways, however, that I like to really ‘feel’ the spring in my house.

SWEET SCENTS – I swap out all of my heavy, cozy holiday scents for something very herb-y and fresh smelling.  The smell of gardenia makes me think of a fresh spring garden, and the Lafco scents are to die for… they can really infuse a room quickly.

FRESH & GREEN – Green plants and flowers are always the very first thing I think of when spring starts to, well, spring… I’m terrible, however, at keeping houseplants alive, so I’ve opted for a living wreath for the door and a faux plant just to make it look fresh in the house (the scent of the candle will cover for where the fake plant lacks).

CLEAR THE CLUTTER – I have these spring visions of crisp, clear countertops just ready and waiting for all of the bright berries I’ll slice and cocktails I’ll make.  I like to clear off anything old or unused from the counter top and just add back in some white, simple kitchen accessories to help get the vision across.  Plus, a clean marble cake stand is perfect for displaying candles or flowers when not in use for cookies and cakes.  cutting board is $38 in our shop

LET LIGHT IN – the number one way to get more sunlight into the house is to clean the windows.  It’s shocking what a big difference this makes.  I have this on the agenda for today.

GET OUT – Even though it might be muddy out, a nice walk definitely helps to really feel the spring. I like to take the same route throughout the spring so that I really notice when things start blooming and changing.

So, it’s your turn!  Tell me, what are the ways that you get that spring feeling?