6 Media Consoles that Aren’t Terrible

media consoles - amber interiors via my domaine

Is it just me, or when you hear the words media consoles or TV stands, do you have visions of a college dorm room?  I envision the black laminate ones with CD slots along the sides and it gives me nightmares. This is not an exaggeration.  I was literally up for 3 hours last night thinking about media consoles.  Part of this could be some pregnancy insomnia (which has been driving me insane), but part is definitely the fear of a bad tv stand weaseling into my life.

If you’re lost, let me back up.  We’re redecorating our living room and dining room and just last weekend made the decision that it is possible the two rooms should be flipped.  Our current dining room is much much larger than the living room.  While I do entertain a lot in the dining room, it still didn’t really make sense to have wasted space in that room while we were really struggling with how to orient the living room.

You can see from the ‘before’ photo that I posted last week that our living room has 4 walls (duh) and all four walls have something big on them – a fireplace, an entry to the foyer, an entry to the dining room, and a giant picture window.  That combined with the small space (only 14′ x 12′) means that the only place the sofa fits is in front of the window… making it difficult to see the TV… and any other furniture is pretty much placed in front of room openings.  It is not ideal, but when they built houses in the late 1800’s these were not issues that were top of mind.

After discussing the issue with my friend and interior decorator, Lacey, we tried no less than 4 different configurations trying to come up with a solution, but all arrangements failed – cutting off openings or being too cramped to navigate around.  Then, while I was having a ‘moment’ stating that all I wanted in life was a room where all parties could easily see the TV, Matt and I got the idea to switch the rooms.  We quickly swapped the furniture rearrangement this past weekend just to see if it was a plausible option.  We were happy that our giant farmhouse table fit in the front room – even with the leaves – and since the table goes in the center of the room, all of the openings and weird walls don’t matter!

The back room (former dining room) is much more of a blank slate.  There are three (THREE!!) walls that are open for furniture placement. Even though we have more options, the room is a little long and narrow (17′ x 14′) which means that we need a very low profile media solution to make it feel roomy in there.

If you’re anything like me, Mid-Century pieces are something you love to look at (and pin) but they’re a little easier said than done.  I have this fear of my house looking too old (since it is old) and mid-century is a slippery slope.  For me, it needs to be very simple and paired with softer, more bohemian accents to keep it current and ensure it fits well into our farmhouse. Just like the above photo from Amber Interiors via My Domaine, the boho accents and clean lines of the mid-century credenza really work! After my 3 hours of sleepless deliberating last night, I choose six media consoles that don’t give me hives and some that I downright love and would work awesome in the space.


six beautiful media consoles

No. 1 Room & Board, No. 2 Ikea, No. 3 West Elm, No. 4 All Modern, No. 5 Charish, No. 6 Crate & Barrel

coleman-family-living-room-680x907 - media consoles

Ok, so maybe the clapboard one isn’t very mid-century at all, but I liked it, so it got a spot.

How are you feeling about the mid-century vibe?  Doesn’t this last image of Meta Coleman’s home look gorgeously curated with her midcentury console and eclectic artwork?

Photo Sources: Top – via MyDomaine.com, designer: Amber Lewis, photography: Tessa Neustadt, Bottom – via Cup of Jo, designer: Meta Coleman, photography: Chaunté Vaughn.

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