8 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Firstly, let me start by saying that there is an event I’m co-hosting this Friday with ONE of these podcast hosts… so read below for more info!!

I am a total podcast nut.  Are you?  Or maybe you don’t even listen to them?  I was talking for almost an hour last Friday about podcasts when a few of my friends stopped me.  They didn’t even know how to access or get podcasts!  I was shocked!

But, I realize that it’s just because I love them so much that I was shocked. So, today, I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite podcasts and hopefully if you’re not already crazy about podcasts, you will be soon.

First, if you don’t listen to podcasts yet, let’s give you a quickie introduction.  There should be a purple app on the home screen of your iPhone that looks like a person with two halos.  Click on that. Then, it will take you into your podcast home screen where you can search via the bottom gray menu bar for a few of these suggestions.

If you have an android, you can download the stitcher app and listen via that platform.

Here are the podcasts I love and listen to regularly:

1. Well Aware – a podcast focusing on minimalism and wellness.  Host, Lindsay, talks to experts in business and wellness with a focus on health, consumerism, and living a simpler life.

2. This American Life – if you love podcasts, I would image This American Life was probably your gateway drug (it was for me!).  I love the insight it provides as well as the humor of everyday life for Americans around the country. This is a podcast that usually spurs a greater conversation later with Matt or my friends when I can’t stop thinking about whatever the topic was that week. PLUS, I just love the producers of This American Life’s spin-off show, Serial, which is a real life crime drama that I listened to in just two days.

3. Marriage is Funny – I first started listening to Marriage is funny because I just love the co-host, Jessie Artigue. I have followed her blog and interacted with her at blogging events for the past 4 years. She is so interesting, lively, and fun, I knew her podcast would be as well.  I find myself laughing out loud or crying as she and husband (and co-host) Gerard discuss issues, triumphs, and the hilarious parts of marriage. AND SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  Matt and I have the pleasure of hosting them in our house this weekend as they embark upon their cross-country tour! We are hosting an event THIS FRIDAY all about creative partnerships in Grandview at 6:30pm and you are invited!!


4. Reply All – This is a really funny and interesting viewpoint on technology and the awkward moments it sometimes causes in our lives.  Hosts PJ and Alex are hilarious and bring just the right amount of tech knowledge into my life.

5. The Bugle – A quirky news style satire show hosted by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver.  If you like late night humor news programs, you’ll love this.

6. Smart Passive Income – Behind This American Life, Pat Flynn was my other podcast gateway drug. Firstly, he is one entrepreneur who seems super sweet and genuine. Second, as he interviews guests who all have passive income seemingly figured out, it really gets my wheels spinning about who I can be more efficient and make more revenue in my own entrepreneurial adventures.

7. Entrepreneur on Fire – I love that this podcast is every day and that it’s pretty concise.  It’s just 20-30 minutes long and always packed with gems of valuable information for entrepreneurs.  The host, John Lee Dumas is amazingly honest and transparent about his rise to success and even shares his income in his monthly income reports (which I love listening to!).

8. My Daily Phrase – I listen to the Italian, German, and French daily phrases.  It’s really just helped me to be able to recall certain words, idioms, and sayings quickly since it’s seeping into my head via podcast.  Plus, it’s fun to talk to myself in the car while I listen. They also have great pro-perks like printouts and PDFs to help you learn more.


I hope you found something new here and are inspired to go out and listen to all the (podcast) world has to offer!

BUT you’re not done yet… If you are already a podcast listener, I would LOVE to hear what you like!  Leave your favorite podcast below in the comments!

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