80 Days of Summer Challenge Complete


Hey there, friend!  A couple of weeks ago, we reached the end of the Earnest Home 80 Days of Summer Challenge! Now, since the baby came to us a bit earlier than originally anticipated, I didn’t get the full 80 days in before she arrived, but I came close.

Since she’s been here, I’ve been able to do a little dabbling here and there during naps and expect to continue this trend into the fall.  I’m taking some time off from outside work projects for a while and forcing myself to relax during my downtime, and I consider the lettering a form of relaxation that allows me to let my mind unwind from the stresses of having a newborn.

I found that even the simplest daily use of brush lettering jolted my mind back to the practice and allowed the skill to stay top of mind. Even just a label or a gift tag gave me the opportunity to think about my spacing and sizing – two of the things I was trying to work more on during the second half of the challenge.


I will admit that I didn’t get nearly as much time as I would have liked and that I need to keep practicing to reach a level that I’ll be proud of.

Which leads me to you!  How did you all do with the challenge?  Did you find that a small daily practice helped to to advance in ways that large bouts of cramming doesn’t?

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