80 Days of Summer Halfway Point

hand lettering

Hey there friends!  It’s already the halfway point in our Earnest Home 80 days of summer.  Can you believe it? 40 days ago, I challenged you all to do something everyday for 80 days that pushes you.

You all chose a variety of creative, athletic, or business pursuits to challenge yourself with daily.  I chose to practice my hand lettering because it was an area where I knew I could improve and I knew a daily practice would be the only way to see substantial change and improvement.

I’ve been doing some lettering here and there for a few years, but never really saw the quality out of my lettering that I wanted.  I decided to take my learning up a notch by taking a few hand lettering classes.  I decided on using Skillshare because it’s an app, so it’s available offline on my phone (perfect for flights and car trips) and it’s also available on my computer.  I loved the couple of classes I took and I think they both improved my lettering markedly (haha).

The first class was called 4 Easy Steps to Modern Calligraphy taught by Peggy Dean.  This went over lowercase basics and the plethora of pens that could be used.

The second class I took was by someone who I am so happy to have just met in person this summer! Danielle Evans teaches a class called Hand Lettering Basics.

Right now, Skillshare is offering 3 months for $0.99, so give it a try if it seems like something you’d be into.  This isn’t sponsored in anyway by them, I just really loved using them.

Regardless, I have been practicing daily and I didn’t want to bombard Insta with all of the daily photos, so I’ve just shared a few here and there, but below we have my entire progress!

80 days of summer halfway

Over the past 40 days, I’ve learned a few things about hand lettering:

  1.  It is not the same as cursive.  I used to just write in cursive with a brush pen in the same exact manner that I would have written with a regular pen.  Lettering is not cursive and the strokes that need to be taken to accomplish the look I wanted weren’t done in nearly the same way.  It was almost as if I was learning a new type of script entirely.  This is the reason why there are so many alphabet photos! I learned the stroke pattern and order for each letter separately, then learned how to put them together.
  2. Spacing is everything:  Even though a lot of the calligraphic lettering we see seems organic and free flowing, it is made to feel that way through consistent sizing and spacing. This is something that I am still working on and struggling with.  The spacing between individual letters needs to be more consistent as well as my letter sizes.  Spacing between multiple words is still far ahead in my future.  One or two words is really where my current capabilities stop.
  3. It really does just take practice.  There were days when all I could do was squeak out a thank you card for a little name tag, but on the days when I spent greater than 30 minutes practicing, I saw so much more improvement.

Do you see the hilarious ‘labor & delivery’ binder that I made.  Yes, I am that nerd who makes a binder of paperwork to bring to the hospital for labor.  It was also an excuse to be my lettering practice that day.

So now I want to see where you are!  Make sure to tag all of your progress with the #EHC80DaysOfSummer and I’ll share a few!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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