A Closet within a Closet

creating a linen closet1

I have quite the little surprise to share with you guys today.  Throughout this entire closet renovation, you’ve heard me go on and on about how little space old homes have and I’m sure lots of you guys can relate. As part of my grand closet scheme, I had another idea for a way to further maximize the space of the odd, unused room.

You’ve clearly seen that in the closet, there was a door which led to the hallway. Here is it from within the closet and from outside of the closet. Odd, right?  Well, we’ve learned not to even wonder why some of the things in the house are the way they are, we just work with it.

linen closet - before

So, what we did about it was create a linen closet.  Keep reading for more photos and details of the closet within our closet.  

linen closet

linen closet renovation


And after the linen closet addition from the inside:

linen closet extension

All we had to do was encase a few square feet, install a few shelves, and switch around the door.  But this little project got even easier with an idea my husband, Matt had.  Instead of building walls, we just bought a sturdy bookshelf which fit the opening to the door exactly.  It took a bit of searching, but it was the perfect solve.  I painted the back of the bookshelf the same color as the bedroom walls and used that space for a full length mirror and some robe hooks.  Since the new linen closet door would open right into the stairs, we decided to make it into a bi-fold door.  I put a little knob on the old knob less door, and that was that.

linen closet DIY

I can’t tell you guys how long I’ve wanted a linen closet.  We’d been keeping towels and sheets in the guest room, and now they’re in a spot near the restroom (imagine that!).

Are you guys surprised by this little switch-a-roo?



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