A Hint of Asian Style

The house of earnest* style you’ve become accustomed to on my blog isn’t exactly what I see over here in Hong Kong.  The Asian style is usually a combination of a couple different cultures, with Chinese being somewhat ornate with bold color and Japanese decor being more modern and incorporating natural elements in a very ‘zen’ way with water, rocks, beautiful plants, etc.

I felt like the room above, by William Hefner Architecture out of Los Angeles, really struck a balance between traditional American style and just a hint of Asian influence in the wooden side table and towel rack.

I found a bit more ‘house of earnest’ and Asian fusion style in my hotel this week.

Modern lines are mixed with natural, down-to-earth style here at the W Hong Kong.

All photos from house of earnest*.  From top left: A twig cupboard pull is chic in silver, mirrored details get a natural facade on sleek benches, earth-meets-wood and more Feng Shui details line the lobby, flowers were purchased in a market nearby!  I just couldn’t leave them behind, they were so beautiful and complimented the style of my room just perfectly!

How do you guys feel about an Asian influence in design? Love it? Leave it? Let me know what you think!

Have a SPECTACULAR week!  I’ll be missing the green green grass and trees of home (and of course missing the husband!)

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