A Little Gold Lining for Your Wednesday

I was a little nervous about this one, guys.  First there is the deadline.  I am not a huge deadline person, I’ve always been known to just ‘wing it’ and if something doesn’t turn out, I improvise.  Although this isn’t the approach I wanted to take with this wonderful opportunity bestowed upon me by the beautiful Sherry of Young House Love and Katie of Bower Power, it is definitely what happened.

I explained the entire pinterest challenge thing HERE (which is not endorsed by pinterest in any way (except for when we crashed their site last Wednesday)).  And yes, I did use a double parenthesis there (can you tell I was a science major? I did a lot of chemistry).

Moral of the story is that Sherry and Katie had asked me to be a guest host for this project along with Ana and I was so happy to accept.  I gave you all a little hint of what my project was to entail last week.

One of my pins:

*above item found here originally from here

and another pin:

*and this project originally from here

If you’re a detective, or good at reading small print, you can tell that I was contemplating doing something similar as a light fixture.  Now, I know my last pinterest challenge project was also a light fixture, but I have a lot of ugly lights in my house.

I started by using my own homemade paper mache recipe to form a large dome over top of a large bouncy ball from my local Target. The recipe is just 1 part flour to 1 part water which I whisked the crap out of with my electric mixer (you don’t want lumps!)

 This was the most tedious part of the project.  It was a little messy and took a few days to dry completely.  You can only put on two layers of paper mache at a time to allow the dome to dry completely and smoothly. After the dome is completely dry, you can repeat the process making it as thick as you’d like.  I repeated this process two more times after the initial layer.

After you have enough layers of paper mache on your project, you can pop the ball.  I used a steak knife and it was oddly satisfying.  Very carefully remove the plastic ball from the molded paper mache.

Flip the dome over and paint it your desired color.  I used acrylic craft paint.  Allow to dry before flipping back over to tackle the gold leaf.

If you’ve ever used gold leaf before, you’ll know it is a slightly painful process.  I actually gold leafed 2/3 of the interior dome and then ran out of gold leaf.  Grrr…. Who knew it would have taken so much.  This was around 10pm on Monday night, because as I said above, I’m a last minute kind of person.  I ran to my local superstore and bought anything gold I could find… paint, glitter, markers, pens, etc.  I went home and quickly tested out the gold paint on a scrap piece of paper and it happened to match the gold leaf EXACTLY.  What are the odds?  I was very happy, and ended up just painting the entire inside since my original gold leafing left quite a lot of white holes. Moral of the story is that I should have used gold paint from the get go.

I then used a large bowl set inside the paper mache mold as a guide for which to create a clean edge. If raw edges are your thing, you can definitely leave them, but since the dome was already so textural, I opted for a smooth edge.

Voila! Straight lines!  The next step, I couldn’t take a photo.  I cut out a hole in the very top of the dome with an x-acto knife to fit my light cord.  The light cord I used is not for hard wiring since my intended spot for this beauty doesn’t have a spot for overhead electric. I used a lamp cord like THIS ONE from ikea!

I love how it turned out, and think it makes this corner of my living room so cozy!  Do you think you’d be willing to give it a try?

GUESS WHAT?  There are more projects where that came from! The beautiful and talented hosts of this project have lots to show you too!

Cruise on over to Bower Power to peek at Katie’s project, Take a stroll to Young House Love to see Sherry’s pin come to life, Hit up Ana at ana-white.com to see what amazingness she has in store!  You guys won’t be disappointed!

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