A New Side of Erin + What Do you Want to Know MOST?


I’ve been hinting around the past few months about a side project I’ve been working on that is different than anything here at Earnest Home co. After a few months of hardcore coding (which is NOT my strength) I finally am ready to share with you guys what the buzz has been about.

Let me first back up, though.  Two years ago, I started developing my own line of home decor and entertaining pieces. The transition from DIYer to Designer was a logical move, being that product creation is at the core of both, they’re just on two different scales.  Some of you might even remember some of the DIYs that inspired pieces in the line!  Like my confetti tumbler tutorial (for the DIYer) or the confetti glasses I’ve designed for the shop (for the buyer).

Over the years, the big question I get from readers, customers, and friends is all about HOW I managed to create the line.  People want to know how I found manufacturing, how I knew how much to buy, or how much to budget for.  People couldn’t wrap their heads around how to import the creations or ensure that the designs came back from the factory exactly to my liking.

The people who inquired all were curious because they too had dreams of creating a line.  They had sketchbooks filled with drawings or an product idea they just couldn’t shake.

Part One: A New Side of Erin

And after countless hours of coffee-dates, consulting sessions, and speaking engagements, I knew that you guys wanted a place to learn more.  I knew that you all wanted to dig deep into creative entrepreneurship, and how to actually make a profit off the things we create.  I decided that if this is something you all want to know about, then I could deliver a way to learn that was accessible for everyone. So, it’s with great excitement that I tell you all about ErinSouder.com (!!)

First, let’s start out by saying that Earnest Home co will continue to be a place for inspiration, action, and handmade goodness, but ErinSouder.com will be a place for designers, makers, and entrepreneurs to take action.  On ErinSouder.com I help independent designers to create, manufacture, and profit from their own products. The new site doesn’t have big, pinterest-worthy photography, or awe-inspiring projects, it just has real, clear business advice for designers wanting to create product lines.

I am just getting started over there and it’s so humbling to remember what blog beginnings are like!  I have two blog posts (with more to come!) and not everything is totally polished.

It’s exciting and scary to launch something so different than Earnest Home, but I did not feel like THIS space was the right venue for the technical, business information, so I was inspired to create something totally new and after tinkering for two months, I’ve finally decided that it’s now or never.

So, take a look around on the site.  There are spots to sign up for our mailing list, for live webinars, and for another little surprise coming up in August.

I can’t express how excited and energized I am to start teaching what I know. I hope that if there is just ONE of you out there seeking for something like this, then I’ve offered a lifeboat.

Part Two: What do you want to know MOST?

If you are someone who has dreamed about owning a product line (even if those dreams are just small little twinklings of ideas), then I want to hear from you TODAY!!

want to know what you’re curious about.  

I want to know exactly what you’re hung up on.

I want to know if there is anything in this wide world you ever wanted to know about creating a product line.

So go ahead… tell me what you want to know most by CLICKING HERE.


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