A New Use for Wine Corks

wine cork uses

I don’t know if I’d say that I was a ‘wine-o’ per se, but I drink a lot of wine.  I like what I like, mostly red, and I love trying new varieties. This results in a (maybe embarrassing) amount of wine corks that collect in my bar area.  I have a large cylinder vase that I put them all in, and with that vase being close to full, I’ve been thinking about other things to do with the corks.

I had a length of ribbon that I wrapped around a cork out of pure convenience and, after sticking a straight pin into the end, realized that it wasn’t just a quick solution, but a really good all-of-the-time solution as well.

ribbon corks 2

cork spook diptych

I have so many pieces of ribbon, lace, or twine that I pull off of gifts and packages that usually goes untamed into a drawer or bin and this is the perfect solution.

I’m not going to say that it will encourage me to drink more wine, but, I mean, it won’t hurt!

I hope your Monday is full of solutions!

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