A New Use For Your Old Garden Stool

garden stool as a planter

Although it may be clear from my weekly LIST, I have a small thing for stools and side tables.  I suppose I like having little perches for drinks, books, and remote controls… Regardless, it may be a little overboard, and now I’ve successfully removed 4 side tables/stools from my living and dining rooms that are completely unnecessary.  All of that to say, I had a garden stool that I realized had a generous opening in the bottom and would make a fabulous planter.

This is usually how ideas pop into my head… either I’m too lazy to go to a store and buy something (so I make it) OR I really like something, don’t want to get rid of it, and stare at it until another use or function comes to mind.  And, of course, the latter is what happened with my fab new planter.  Keep reading to see the before and after for this fresh stool turned planter makeover!




My stool started out being white, but it was pretty scratched up and felt a little cheap looking, so I wanted to give it a fresh makeover with a coat of paint.  First, however, I wanted to remove the little feet on the bottom of the stool.  Some of my other garden stools (yes, there are more) have little foam or cork sticky feet that can just be removed easily by hand.


Then, I gave the whole thing a few nice even coats of spray paint using an antiqued iron color.


I think the change in color and the pretty pattern look great in their new little corner!

Not only was I able to reuse an old piece that would have otherwise gone the way of the donation center, but even if you were to buy a garden stool strictly for this purpose, it might still be less expensive than a really large planter.  Some of those big planters are upwards of $100, which seems steep considering this garden stool maybe cost me $39 on sale at Homegoods or TJ Maxx.  So, keep your eye out as spring goodies start popping into stores and snatch yourself a stool or planter of your picking… and don’t worry if it’s a strange color or print, just paint over it!


p.s. Happy March!  I am SO happy that we’re another month closer to some warm weather! I’m sick of hibernating!  What about you?

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