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*photo credit Decor Pad via My Design Chic

I saw this office last week and really just couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I love so many things about it, but mostly that it seems like an indulgent, restful place to me.  The daybed, piles of books, and fresh flowers all make it somewhere I could potentially spend the day without a care in the world.  Don’t even mention the Hermes blanket… wait – I just did.

On one hand, this room brings me to a totally restful place, but on the other hand it give me slight anxiety about the antique daybed/settee that is in my office and I have yet to fully complete.  I actually just had the thought that it might be pure madness that my ‘restful’ place is a place others might associate with work – my office.  If only there was a place to lie down…

Don’t you just love it?  Where has your restful place been lately?

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!