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So, I maybe mentioned a little blurp on twitter a few weeks ago about a few meetings that Matt and I had to work on a new venture that we’re exploring.  It’s still so preliminary, but we’re to the point where we need some space to get some serious work done.

Although I LOVE my home office, the desk is small and there is very little storage.  We need something that works for the both of us and has enough opportunity for organization for this new secret adventure (it won’t be secret for too long!  We’ll let you guys know soon!).

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Storage is key here as we’ll have a fair amount of samples, swatches, papers, and whatnot that comes along with such an endeavor. We currently have just a small bookshelf – not nearly enough to help keep us organized. You know how much I love the library look – I even modeled by bedroom after a similar look!

But back to the office – a big desk with enough room for two of us to have computers and space to create is so important.  I love the dual desk which doubles as a work table.

home office 2

home office 5

Here’s the thing, though.  Being a part of our home, I want it to still be incorporated in the decor – to be warm, cozy, and approachable.  So to strike to perfect mix of efficiency, organization, and homey-ness, that is the challenge.

I found an awesome site that does lots of beautiful, bespoke, made to measure home study furniture, but they’re only in the UK, so those of you in England – you’ve got a resource!  For me here in the US, I’ll keep looking for something to help me get the look I’m going for.

So, I don’t want to be such a jerk and give you so many cliff hangers about our next steps, but the idea is just a little too young to bust out.  Soon though…Soon!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a home office?  How does it work for you?

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