A Spanish Valentines Party: The Plan



For Valentines day each year, I have a dinner party with some of my favorite friends to celebrate the love in our lives.  Although I’m not a big fan of gooey romance, that doesn’t mean I don’t like some romance in my life… it just needs to be festive and fun – hence the dinner party.

I like the spanish theme for a few reasons.  Mainly because it’s a passionate theme without being over-the-top and secondly because I have a good friend who asks year round for my paella and I feel this is a good opportunity to splurge on a giant skillet of seafood and sausage. It’s not the kind of meal you make for a small crowd.

To help my decorations, the wonderful girls over at esselle sent me their ‘Devyn’ hostess box which is made to create a playful, handmade dinner for two.  Since I wanted to take a non-traditional spin on the holiday, I’m using some of the pieces (like the birch votives, the confetti, the gold/white vases, and the cupcake wraps) to support the Spanish vibe.  I know it isn’t Spanish, but I am going to use the honey dippers included in the box to make some Mexican hot chocolate dipping sticks so we can drink it with our churros.

I think it all goes to show, that using what you have (or what’s out there in the stores this time of year), can be done with a twist that will surprise your guests and make the night crazy awesome.

As we get closer to the party, I’ll show you guys a few tutorials for the decor and how I plan on using those cupcake sleeves and honey dippers!!


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