A Touch of Pink: Birth Announcements from Minted


I’m not a huge pink person.  I, myself, don’t wear pink, but have a beige/blush blouse that is about as girly as I get.  When I had Maeve, I knew my disregard for the color would somewhat carry down, but I still want to have a little bit of the pink around.  There is something sweet about that rosy hue that I don’t love for myself, but I think is so fitting for a brand new little baby.

Maybe it’s the hint of pink in her little cheeks or just my resolve softening, but a little pink has been growing on me.  Of course in a very minimal and modern way…

When designing her birth announcements, I was happy to strike the perfect balance between that girly pink and our modern style.  I’m lucky that Minted had an amazing design that really nailed it.




So, maybe I went a little more pink than I typically would, but with the black and white photo and the modern type, I think it’s a great balance!

I wanted to share our gorgeous announcements with you guys today, but also let you know that all birth announcements are 15% off right now.  Since doing the legwork of creating a cool and unique announcement was something I wanted, but also something that I didn’t quite have the time to dwell on, I was thankful for Minted.  We chose the Mini Modern Petite Cards with the return address stickers and recipient addressing (so helpful!!).

I am so excited to get these all assembled and get them out!  As a DIYer I typically take the long route when it comes to creative endeavors in my life, but in this instance, it’s pretty amazing to feel so good about something with such little work.

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