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As we all know, owning a home is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because for the most part we feel safe, rest easy, and enjoy making the space our own.  We rest most comfortably in a place that is filled with things we love: a place that is nurtured and coaxed into its evolution.  In those moments our house becomes the blessing of a “home.”  And what a blessing… that is, until the projects come, and come, and keep. on. coming.  Oh the curse of one project just streaming itself into the next.  “Well, while I’m at it I might as well _____________!”  I for one, cannot rest until I put my finger on the thing that I will love.  I found myself feeling some serious buyer’s remorse about a few items I purchased early in my designing adventures.  Stick by this and you’re golden:

If you do not love it, do not buy it.

We have a library that needed some major love when we moved in, and I looked for almost a year for the perfect chandelier.  I wanted vintage, and I wanted spectacular.  I was originally inspired by this beauty in Rome while on my honeymoon in Italia.  I stood open-mouthed for a while.

Hello Gorgeous.

But after realizing how much Venetian glass will run me, I decided to go to my main man Craig to get the job done.  He and his list are just about my favorite website.  And, I visit him on a daily basis.  I am a huge advocate of recycling and restoring lost treasures.  Craigslist is the very best place to do that.  I have cities of far-away friends on my radar as well because I know I could call on a buddy to do a quick pick up for me if I find that perfect side board, or set of wing backs, or vintage lantern, for example…

I would encourage you to practice your highest level of patience when designing your home.  You will never regret waiting for the perfect piece.  I almost landed a pair of incredible, cane back club chairs with some fantastic tufting… but I was not there fast enough.  But I digress… so, my library.

The Library Before:


The Library After:  



Much Better!



The Prize:


Chandelier and Medallion: $150

Professional Restoration by Expert Lamp Repair: $285

Has anyone else found a fab prize on Craigslist?  Please share and leave us a comment!

*Italian Chandelier via Albergo del Senato website found here.