Across the Country: Trade & Made

I’m so excited today to introduce you guys to a project that has been a little while in the making! Laura Parke from A Girl Who Makes and I are teaming up for a fun cross-country mail swap.  We’re sending each other a parcel with secret assorted supplies out of which we both must come up with a DIY to share with our readers.  It’s not a competition, but a fun way to stay on our creative toes and you guys get to benefit from two DIYs that might inspire your own at home projects!  So here goes!  The rules are simple:

Sound fun? We’re definitely excited about it! A week from today, we’ll be back to share the contents of our boxes then a week after that (two weeks from today) we’ll share what we made with the mystery items and a little step by step so that you can do the same.

I cannot wait to show you what we come up with.  If you’re not already familiar with Laura, her site, A Girl Who Makes, has so many really fresh and innovative DIY ideas, but she is also a pretty amazing stylist and event designer. In the meantime while we’re thinking up direction for the Trade & Made DIY swap – go check her out!

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