Acrylic Gem Cuff DIY

clear acrylic gem cuff diy

Let’s get a little crafty today!  I’ve been excited to do this jeweled cuff tutorial and have been looking forward to getting back from my trip just so that I could do it.  I know that sounds silly, but I was literally sitting on the plane thinking about the colors, shapes, and gems I’d use in this project.

I have a few jeweled up cuffs, but I have a really hard time with cuffs in general because they always just fall off my wrist. This issue is especially true for the acrylic ones on the market since they’re not usually too bendable.

acrylic gem bracelet tutorial

While at my local art store, I was searching for foam core board, but stumbled upon this PVC sheet and thought, “BINGO”!  I wanted to do a cool, totally unique bracelet with a snap closure to fit my petite wrists and I got exactly that.  You know when a project is finished and it’s better than you thought it would be?  That’s happened to be with this cuff.  Here is how I did it!



  • Mallet
  • Craft Knife

acrylic cuff bracelet materials diy lucite gem bracelet workflow

attaching snaps to vinyl


ONE cut your pvc sheet to you desired length and width.  I used a bracelet I like as a guide. TWO glue your gems to the bracelet. I used a mixture of these, these, and these. THREE & FOUR using something narrow but strong (like the screwdriver above) poke the pronged snap backings through the plastic, then lightly hammer on the  opposite side of the snap.  Repeat on the other side of the bracelet, making sure the appropriate parts of the snap are on the right sides so you can close the bracelet.

diy lucite gem bracelet

Isn’t the outcome pretty?  I love how expensive it looks on, even though it cost under $8 to make and that there are so many ways to customize it.  I bought some other gems and studs and think I’ll make a thinner version and also a very wide version as well!  I can’t wait to play around with it more!

Have fun with this one and shoot us a photo if you do it!  We’d love to share your project!

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