Alt Summit 2013 – The Recap

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I wasn’t going to post a recap of Alt… Why?  Because I strive to reach out to a readership that doesn’t just consist of other bloggers.  Not that I don’t love all of my blogger friends (I do!), but if we’re all just writing for each other, then what’s the point?  I love the idea that I have the potential to reach out to a wide range of people based on my content – and I sure hope that I do.

So although I won’t go into the details of the panels (which were awesome), I felt that, like I had mentioned two weeks ago, you guys might just want a little behind the scenes glimpse at what goes on here on House of Earnest.

I met some amazing new people, reconnected with some wonderful girls I met last year, and feel that the panel I spoke on went well.  It’s so hard to articulate everything I learned, but at the heart of it all, I came away a little more intent to just focus on creating things that I love and to share with you all. End of story. Among the clamor to meet sponsors, pass out as many business cards as humanly possible, and wow some of the big brands into partnerships, I just wasn’t totally convinced that those things would make me a better blogger – or even reach a bigger success in the blog industry.  I learned tips and tricks here and there that will help my day-to-day run smoother and maybe help me to interact with you guys better, but my goal here is to get the best, newest, freshest ideas out to you with my own spin – and that isn’t necessarily something you can be taught.

I assume that is why you guys are here too, so I’m glad we have the same goals! Don’t worry – we’re back to our regular programming tomorrow.  I have two really easy and beautiful projects to share, one very exciting (Valentines Day) magazine feature to share, and more.


p.s. If you still haven’t taken my annual survey – please hop over and let me know some of your thoughts!  I’m eager to hear what you think!

p.p.s  If you are another blogger who is interested in detailed accounts of the panels, Lisa from Elembee has amazing recaps for each panel she attended.  Check them out here!



The lovely ladies in the photos above are: Megan from The Fresh Exchange, Amy from Parker Etc, Jen from A Blog Named Scout, Mandy from Fabric Paper Glue, Audrey from This Little Street, Katie from Modern Eve, Meg from, Kelly from Design Crush, Allison from Engaged and Inspired, Natalie from Bing.

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