An American Style in France


The only word I have to describe this home is DRAMA.  Everything is supersized, the windows, the couches, the light fixtures, and the views. This beautiful Normandy home, by architect Alexandre Danan (of European Design Office Consulting), is absolutely spectacular.  Even with all of its massive, white contemporary charm, there is something comfy about it too.  I am not sure if it is the prarie green pastures outside, or the mix of French and American styles  designed by Deborah Hess (which happens fairly often on Normandy’s coast) but something in this house strikes a chord with me.



Oversized couches seem inviting for a lounge with family in front of the fire. Two smaller dining tables keep the dining area casual, fun, and quirky.  Pale grey oak floors look as if they’re meant to be lived on.

*photos by jean-francois jaussaud for lux productions

From every room and every angle the thing that really pops out is the amount of white used in this home.  Normally such a clean palette could be overbearing, but wood floors, hammered gold pendants, and lush green views warm up all that white.

I would venture to say that this house is a dramatic masterpiece, but since it is a country home that feels so comfortable, that is almost a contradiction.  What do you think?  Dramatic masterpiece? Comfortable country home?

I’m excited to be back in action after my long weekend relaxing, and I’m even more excited to have another weekend so soon!  I have a few projects lined up that I am super excited about, and super excited to show to you all!!

Have a FANTASTIC Thursday!

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