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In the home of Minnesota resident, Lisa Balke, the fall decor is spooky meets industrial country.  This is a mix I’m super fond of, and believe me, I’m taking notes!

Her draw toward the sinister side of the season is done so tastefully, that I hardly even notice the skeletal rack in the corner of the living room.  My eye goes directly to the soft, clean lines and warm palette. The mixture of oddities and antiques helps the look seem balanced and not contrived.

The beautiful white kitchen with industrial stools and period lighting are the perfect touch in this country home. A fair amount of branches, gourds, antlers, moss, and other natural elements ground the more creepy including a doll head without eyes (yikes!) and a large animal skull.

Lisa and her husband painstakingly restored an old bungalow to accommodate their family and have just the look they wanted. There is a definite contrast between industrial modern and the cozy cottage vibe.  Stained concrete floors in the kitchen play off the Gothic wood details.

Not only do Lisa’s collected oddities give me plenty of ideas for my Halloween decor, but the home itself is inspiring to boot!

Do you love?  Give me your feedback I’d love to hear! Super awesome? Or super scary?

Have an AMAZING Tuesday!

*all photos from Midwest Living Sept/Oct 2011